Campbells field trip

Campbells field trip

A fantastic first-hand experience at Campbells Prime Meat in Linlithgow, with senior butcher Gerry Neilson and Edinburgh College's chefs-to-be students.

Ask the butcher

Fred reflects on his appearance at the CIS Excellence Awards and Scotland Food & Drink Excellence Awards, and highlights the importance of developing relationship with his (and your!) primary producers.

Fashions fade

Good cooking is not about following trends.

Orkney Beef (PDO)

Fred pays a visit to the local butcher in Orkney.

'Irresistibly French'

Joanna Blythman reviews L'Escargot Blanc for the Sunday Herald.

Let's celebrate Beaujolais!

Come and join us to celebrate Beaujolais Nouveau – and other Beaujolais wines and specialities. 

Slow Food Table / 14 Sept. 2016

On 14th September l’escargot blanc will be hosting a second Slow Food Table, dedicated to Linda Dick from Hamildean Farm